Unsecured Funds

How does Unsecured Funding Work?

We specialize in finding the perfect funding solution for your business needs. Most of our options are unsecured funds, meaning no collateral required. You get the funds directly, with full control over how to use them for your business.

Funding Solutions without too many strings attached

Applying for small business working capital is easy and hassle-free with us. Our dedicated Funding Specialists are experts at finding the ideal funding solution for your business, no unnecessary hurdles involved.

We can Fund in as Little as 24 TO 48 Hours!


List of most common questions asked frequently.

What is unsecured funding?

Unsecured funding means no need for collateral. Traditional lenders like banks rely on creditworthiness and often charge high interest. Alternative funding offers options without collateral or strict credit requirements, with varying interest rates. Unsecured debt can be riskier for lenders.

How can I obtain unsecured funding for my business?

For collateral-free business funding, traditional lenders require good credit and may offer less favorable terms. Global Liquidity can help boost your credit score. Our application process is straightforward, and we prioritize simplicity for businesses of all sizes. Fill out our online application, provide your last three monthly bank statements, and receive funding in as little as 24 - 48 hours.

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How Our Funding Process Works

Global Liquidity provides fast and flexible funding solutions.

Step 1.

Complete the funding application online conveniently.

Step 2.

We analyze your needs to pick the best funding option.

Step 3.

Sign minimal documents and get the business funds you need.

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Working Capital

Discover alternative paths to working capital with Global Liquidity. Our flexible and cost-effective repayment options ease the financial burden.

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Easy Approvals

Experience effortless approvals. Unlike traditional banks, we have fewer funding requirements and don't solely rely on your credit score. Contact us today to explore what Global Liquidity can offer you!

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Large-scale Funding

Unlock large-scale funding potential. Access up to $1 million in unsecured capital for all your financial needs, providing peace of mind for your business ventures.