Get Prepared

Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

First things first: To INITIATE your application, it's as easy as filling out the form below.

Step #1: Please Fill out our pre-qualifier Funding Needs Assessment Form.
Step #2: Fill out our 1-page fillable Working Capital Application.
After completing the form, you will be sent a Mutual NDA and this checklist.
  • Visit and retrieve your FREE credit report. The COMPLETE report can span from 15 to 100 pages. Combine the entire report into one PDF document.
  • Present a copy of your SS4 (IRS form showcasing your Employer ID Number) for your business.
  • Furnish the six (6) most recent business bank statements (all pages – in pdf format.) Submit each month as an individual pdf attachment.
  • Submit the three most recent Business AND Personal Tax Returns.
  • Present a Year-to-date Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet.
  • Complete the Business Debt Schedule.
  • Provide a copy of the owner’s driver’s license (front and back; a clear cell phone picture is acceptable.)
  • Include a copy of a voided check (or bank routing/account number information.) Following approval, the bank(s) will transfer your financing directly to this business bank account at closing. It is imperative that the account title matches your application. No exceptions.
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